About - Ann Koons
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Photography and Me

I've been a bird watcher for many years and started my photography career with the goal of taking wonderful bird shots. I soon learned how difficult this is because birds are so small (most of them) and they never stay in one place for very long. First you have to find them, and then you have to get lucky that they will pose for you just long enough to get your camera up and ready. So I switched to photographing plants and flowers. Unless the wind is blowing, they stay put.

I look for beauty wherever I go. And in nature, I usually find it from the largest panoramic mountain view to the tiniest insect on a flower. The challenge for me is to take a still photo that captures the essence of the thing I'm looking at. I don't arrange my shots except maybe to move a weed out of my way. Whatever nature has presented me is what I work with.

The actual photo is just the raw material towards making the final piece that will hang on someone's wall. When doing landscape and nature photography, I want my finished photo to look the way I saw the scene, the way someone else might see it if they could travel to wherever I was at the time. So I don't go for intensifying the colors to the point of absurdity or Photoshopping in a moon if the moon wasn't there. What I saw is what you get. It's real.

However, with the advances in camera technology and especially computer software, a whole new world of digital art is being created and I am drawn to it like a bee to honey. It's fun! So I will be adding photos that I have enhanced and manipulated, layered with textures, cut and pasted together, exposed multiple times, and all manner of techniques that result in a photo that looks more like a painting than a photograph. You'll find these photos in the Digital Art and Flower Galleries.

A Day with the Maasai

My home is in the Los Angeles area but my roots are in New England. So I have had the good fortune to travel a lot in both these areas. More recently, my travels have taken me around the world and my trusty camera goes with me wherever I go. With over 80,000 photos to sort through, it may take me awhile to get this site fully populated, so check back often to see what I have posted. I'm sure you will find something you like.